Amplosion automatically redirects from AMP links to normal websites.

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Private. Secure. Open Source.

Everything is done on-device, nothing is ever tracked. You can check the source code yourself.

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Easy and automatic

Just toggle it on. Amplosion silently swaps out troublesome AMP links for their normal version.

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Custom app icons

Make your home screen your own with a variety of gorgeous custom app icons to choose from.

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Has a dog

Amplosion has a dog who lives in the app. I know. Just trust me, you kinda have to see it. He’s a good boy.

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From your friends at Apollo

Well, friend (singular), it’s just me! If you love Apollo, you’re going to love Amplosion.

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See a breakdown of how many Amplosions have occurred, and by website!

Why get rid of AMP links? 🤔

If you came to this page, you probably have an idea yourself, but simply put, AMP links can be really annoying.

With iOS 15 and the new Safari extensions, it’s now possible to detect AMP links and redirect away from them.