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Amplosion is an iOS 15 Safari extension that automatically redirects Google AMP links to their normal counterpart. AMP links are a source of common user frustration due to their inconsistent, often broken experience that mangles URLs for sharing and introduces more opportunities for user tracking. Amplosion fixes all this, and is all done on-device and open source with user privacy in mind. As a fun bonus, the app includes a Tamagotchi style pet dog that lives in the Settings screen named Lord Waffles.

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For any questions, feel free to contact me directly.


What's wrong with AMP?

Google's AMP links attempt to speed up loading of search results (which it does simply by caching, which it could do with "normal links" as well), but often do so at the cost of a consistent user experience, with broken elements of the webpage versus the normal one. It also often mangles the URL, adding unnecessary cruft that makes it annoying to share. (e.g.: On top of this, it presents more opportunities for Google to track users, per their support article.

Does it affect battery life?

No, the extension only briefly activates before loading a page and redirects the URL if necessary before going back to sleep.

What makes Amplosion special?

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